Publications at ASEE 2019 and Election to Program Chair

I am co-author on two papers this year at ASEE. The first, a collaboration with my JMU colleagues on our sophomore engineering design course that creates human-powered vehicles for persons with limited mobility. Our paper “Engagement in Practice: Engaging with the Community One Bike at a Time” can be found here.

The second paper reports on previous work at York College with our freshman engineering experience and the results of a new integrative activity to cover electrical and computer engineering topics. Our paper “A Seven-week Module to Introduce Electrical and Computer Engineering to Freshmen Engineering Students ” can be found here.

Finally, I have been elected as the Program Chair for the ASEE Entrepreneurship and Engineering Innovation division. I’m looking forward to reading all the abstracts and papers for the 2020 program in Montreal!

Jason Forsyth
Associate Professor of Engineering

Jason Forsyth is an Associate Professor of Engineering at James Madison University. His major research interests are in wearable/ubiquitous computing and engineering education. His current research interests focus on on-body human activity recognition and interactive machine learning for physical therapy patients and practitioners to increase exercise adherence and clinical evaluation.