Publications at ASEE 2019 and Election to Program Chair

I am co-author on two papers this year at ASEE. The first, a collaboration with my JMU colleagues on our sophomore engineering design course that creates human-powered vehicles for persons with limited mobility. Our paper “Engagement in Practice: Engaging with the Community One Bike at a Time” can be found here. The second paper reports on previous work at York College with our freshman engineering experience and the results of a new integrative activity to cover electrical and computer engineering topics.

Publications at ASEE 2018

Our paper “Effects of Service-Learning Projects on Capstone Student Motivation” has been accepted into the Multidisciplinary Engineering Division for ASEE 2018. Co-authors are Dr. Mark Budnik (Valparaiso), Dr. Randi Shedlosky (YCP), and Dr. Jeff Will (Valparaiso). The paper examines student motivation differences in service and non-service capstone projects. A pre-print of the paper can be found here and and the presentation slides here. The abstract in included below: Many engineering programs incorporate project-based, service learning into traditional classes and capstone experience.