ASEE and FIE Papers. Additional 4VA Grants Awarded.

4-VA Grant with Sol Lim (Virginia Tech)

Sol Lim, Michael Stewart (JMU), I have received a 4VA grant to explore wearable haptic systems for persons with visual impairement entitled: "Supporting College Students with Impaired Vision in a Shared Housing Through Haptic-Guided Peripersonal Navigation" The work will be led by Dr. Lim and her students with supporting hardware and software development from JMU.

ASEE Paper On Convergent Problems and Entrepreneurial Learning

Stu Thompson (Bucknell), Alan Cheville (Bucknell) and I have published a paper at ASEE examining how the Entrepreneurially-Minded Learning (EML) framework can be applied to convergent problems. The work outlines a definition for convergent problems and how the EML framework and its associated KEEN Cards might be used to provide instructional activities for faculty. The paper was presented at the 2022 ASEE National Conference in the ENT Division. The paper is available here

FIE Paper on Engineering Perceptions

A multi-discplinary team involving Virginia Tech (Homero Murzi, Karen Soto, Matthew James, and Lisa Schibelius), Virginia (Diana Duran), and JMU (Jason Forsyth) has explored how artistic methods can be utilized to understand student perceptions of engineering. First-year students were asked at the beginning and end of their engineering experience to draw a response to the prompt, "What is Engineering?". Analyzing those results differences between institutions and perceptions have been identified. The paper was presented as a Work-In-Progress at the 2022 Frontier of Education conference and is available here

Jason Forsyth
Associate Professor of Engineering

Jason Forsyth is an Associate Professor of Engineering at James Madison University. His major research interests are in wearable/ubiquitous computing and engineering education. His current research interests focus on on-body human activity recognition and interactive machine learning for physical therapy patients and practitioners to increase exercise adherence and clinical evaluation.