Curator of Coins for the Madison Art Collection and Lisanby Museum

Starting this fall I have joined the Madison Art Collection and Lisanby Museum as their Curator of Coins. I'm excited to take a personal passion for ancient history and extend it into mentoring students and service to the University. My personal focus is on Ancient Roman coinage during the Imperatorial period from 44 BC through 27 BC. This was an exciting time dealing with the civil wars of Caesar and Pompey and concluding with the victory of Octavian over Marc Antony.

Workspace in Madison Art Collection Various reference books
Caesar Aureus Athenian Tetradrachm
Jason Forsyth
Associate Professor of Engineering

Jason Forsyth is an Associate Professor of Engineering at James Madison University. His major research interests are in wearable/ubiquitous computing and engineering education. His current research interests focus on on-body human activity recognition and interactive machine learning for physical therapy patients and practitioners to increase exercise adherence and clinical evaluation.